Look! Pretty People!

Rodney McMahon
Director of Photography / Producer
With over 25 years of experience as Director of Photography and Camera Operator, Rodney McMahon is at the top of his game. He has lent his talents to 60 Minutes, CBS Television, and ABC News, and currently working as a freelance DP on Entertainment Tonight, OMG Insider, and the Rachael Ray Show. Rodney has earned a Los Angeles area Emmy for his camera work on a PBS Special on the Tuskegee Airman and has directed the moving documentary “For Their Own Good” which documents the struggle of the Aboriginal people of Australia.
Joseph Hicks
Director of Photography / Gaffer

Joe is a Brooklyn based Director of Photography and Gaffer from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He primarily works in television, corporate video, and broadcast commercials.

He never stops talking...

Lucas Buck
Director / Producer
As a musician and storyteller, Luke has learned that a great story will tell itself when properly guided to do so. Originally from north-eastern Pennsylvania, Luke settled in New York City after graduating from Penn State University. Since that time he’s worked in every aspect of production on a variety of television spots, shows, and films, such as Rachael Ray Show, the High Low Project, Entertainment Tonight, Saturday Night Live, The Revolution, Redrum, and Omerta. Luke is a skilled photographer and musician as well as director and producer, and is currently playing in the band ‘Per, Party of Six’ and his own ‘The Untitled Lucas Buck Project.